Monday, March 28, 2011

While I’m waiting….

"For I am waiting for you, O LORD. You must answer for me, O Lord my God." Psalms 38:15

Do you find yourself waiting? Waiting in line at the grocery store; waiting in the car pick up line; waiting at karate or ballet; waiting for the hot water heater to heat back up; waiting on finances to get better; waiting for your spouse to make the first move to say I'm sorry; waiting on a good test result from the doctor; waiting on God to answer your prayer….

….just WAITING.

We all find ourselves waiting for something every day and our loving, gracious and faithful Father is waiting on us.

There are so many things I see in my future but there are many things that I need to do to get to the other side, so while I'm waiting (studying, working, surviving...) I will worship my God.

Have you ever found yourself, wondering what God has planned for your life? You may be looking at your life and thinking there has to be more to this life.

Well I seem to find myself at that crossroad. I am human just like the rest of you and get frustrated, have pity parties, get upset with my children and have those oh so sweet growth opportunities with my husband (little sarcasm there). I can be very selfish at times and that just infuriates me that I let things get under my skin that much. I find that when I am really stressed that is when my sinful selfish side bores its ugly head and boy it can be ugly.

So I am here to say that I am a work in progress and while I'm waiting (working on letting God take over) I will continue to find good in all things, people and circumstances.

So I pray that while you are waiting, whatever you are waiting for that you will seek the guidance from God first, not from your friends. I know we all have some very Godly friends but He wants to hear from us and desires that personal, daily relationship with us.

Be faithful because He is faithful.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mighty to Save

I was checking out one of the blogs I follow and she had this song "Mighty to Save":

Everyone needs compassion
A love that's never failing
Let mercy fall on me
Everyone needs forgiveness
The kindness of a Savior
The hope of nations

He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Author of Salvation
He rose & conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

So take me as You find me
All my fears & failures
Fill my life again

I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now I surrender (I surrender)

(Chorus:) (2x)
He can move the mountains
My God is mighty to save
He is mighty to save
Author of Salvation
He rose & conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

(Bridge:) (2x)
Shine Your light &
Let the whole world see
We're singing
For the glory
Of the risen King

You're the Savior
You can move the mountains
Lord You are mighty to save
You are mighty to save
Author of Salvation
You rose & conquered the grave
Yes You conquered the grave


The words of this make you think and believe that there is nothing that God can't handle. He is bigger than anything you may be going through today. he already has a plan for each one of us and since He conquered the grave, He can conquer any problem you have. Just present it to Him with prayer and thanksgiving. His will, not your will be done. I am so grateful for all the new friends that have come into my life and I know that they will teach me so much.

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